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This Story is Rubbish

Well this story may be rubbish but your cursor clicked on it pretty sharpish I’ll bet!!

Although rubbish it's quite a good one nevertheless – you see I have just come back from the tip and disposed of a couple of bags of garden waste. Very few people there today, possibly because of the appalling weather. The garden refuse skips are in a far corner and when I got out of the car I noticed one of the attendants adding some flowers to what appeared to be a shrine in the corner, all artificial stuff but very colourful, you couldn’t help but smile.

“That’s very nice,” I say to the attendant.

He gives me a broad grin and walks over “You gotta do something to brighten the place up,” he says “people ask me what it’s for and if it’s a man I tell him that someone put something in the wrong skip and that marks where we buried him. Can’t say that to the ladies though so I tell them that I had a budgie for a long time, great companion he was, then he died and I buried him there so I could still be with him all day. Most of the ladies laugh or gently beat me over the head but others believe me and then tell me all about their long lost animal friends, I feel a bit guilty then but you have to have a laugh at life don’t you?”

I laughed and I was still laughing on the way back home.

So there you are absolute rubbish but totally true.

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