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There's a Moose, Loose

Sounds of the Morning Diolch byth am Dreigliadau
The Fully Qualified Irritated Young Man Y Sgidiau yn Gwasgu
The biggest crossing I have ever seen Tydi'r (neu a ydi'r) Byd yn Symud Ymlaen(?)
The one that got away  
Avian Heaven Just another day at the office  
Multi-Tasking Leftovers  
The Sparrow's Tale Use your loaf, slice your costs!  
What to do when you're ill Guard that which is precious  
Travelling Horizontally Mea Culpa  
The Robin, Brave or Fearless A Holiday in Ireland - Galway City  
Lost Wife, Forgotten Holidays Not an ordinary Joe  
The Power of Advertising Getting Older  
Pantomime in Prehistory The Land of Song  
In the Office or down at the pub Success in the Afternoon   

Babies and Bathwater

Extreme Angling and a Rescue  
Bonkers! Have Aliens heard of Aberdare?  
Help! I'm fancied by a Chick! A Crystal in a Haystack  
Waiter, there's a fly in my soup! They saw a ghost - but it was me!    
The Mystery of the Alphabet !A delightful way to save money  
Road Improvements Luck comes in threes  
Stop Flirting with Human Beings! My Appeal to Cardiff City Council  

A Tinkle, a Clang and a Slogan

The Scandal of Cardiff Bus Lanes  
The Importance of Mathematics Autumn Colours  
The Ballad of the Plum Tree Searching for the bright side  
Blowing in the Wind A Swift Bounce  
The Things People Say Christmas in the North  
Lookout! Unexploded Bomb Expecting Doris  
The Age of Chivalry Shopping Lightweights  
The Return of the Prodigal Mum Floral Trigger  

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