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Do you sometimes think that the world has gone mad? Do we live in a nanny state? Bags of salted peanuts carry warnings that they 'may contain nuts'! Butter 'may contain dairy products'!

We are encouraged to shop around for the best gas and electricity deals and ministers get their undergarments in a tangle when we are reluctant to switch. If we can not be bothered then that is our choice. Most of us have much better things to do.

Today I read that the Office of Fair Trading, after holding an enquiry into high fuel prices on the forecourt, have just published their report. Does it say that dastardly supermarkets are extracting huge profits from innocent, unsuspecting motorists by manipulating prices? No! Nothing of the sort!

They have discovered that apparently motorway service stations charge substantially more for fuel than anyone else!

Gosh. Did you know that?

Of course you did! Every motorist has known that ever since the motorway was invented and most of us make sure that our tanks are full before setting tyretreads on motorway Tarmac.

The Office of Fair Trading has an idea - they are suggesting that signs are erected giving advanced notice of petrol prices to motorists.

Sounds costly to me! Wouldn't a campaign of filling potholes be a better use of the money?

Bonkers indeed!




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