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Help! I'm fancied by a Chick!

If you have an unruly garden there is not much attraction in sitting looking at it, but then you probably have no reason to know this! I'm a vegetable person myself so over the years my garden has got the better of me, I would have a go at clearing a patch, stand back and admire my work but before I knew it everything was out of control again.

In the last month I got someone to sort out my front garden and it really has made a difference. Out went those failing shrubs, gone is the rockery with its infestation of couch grass. In come evergreen shrubs planted through weed-proof fabric and mulched over with woodbark.

And, my goodness what a difference!

I had a ten foot strip in the back garden that had always been a problem and, with my new-found knowledge I decided to set to and sort it out. A couple of days ago I cleared out the neglected shrubs and heaved a pile of fresh compost on the bed (we are lucky here, Swansea council operates a composting plant and we can just go and help ourselves).

Early on Saturday I set off with my shopping list heading for B & Q (other stores are available). I got there before the rush, bought the membrane, plants and some herbs for the pots. Back home then for a good breakfast and I was ready. It didn't take long and I have to admit I quite enjoyed it, I now have a flower bed which I look forward to seeing develop. I have pots of rosemary, mint, thyme, sage, parsley and chives. Subtle additions of these in my culinary efforts should come in handy as my relationship with this new young chick progresses.

Very exciting!

So anyway with a comfortable feeling of achievement I sit down in my little sunspot behind the garage with my good book. I didn't read much as it happened because the birds were in full song all around me and it was delightful. There was a blackbird warbling merrily in its own inimitable way, I tried to locate him but failed. In the process I see a couple of wagtails in the beech tree, one was right at the top while the other was about a quarter of the way down. The lower one was gradually, perhaps sneakily, making its way towards the top, got very close but then the top one took off and both raced away probably looking for another tree in which to repeat the exercise.

Mrs Blackbird is now on the fence and darts about here and there coming ever closer and looking sideways at me with inquisitive eyes. I wonder how close she will come. She sees that I am not going to be scary and bounces across the lawn pecking away at the grass seed I have spread. Ah well! Sated she leaves and is replaced by Mr Blackbird who has no interest in me at all and just gets on with pecking the lawn.

Two yellow butterflies flutter by, I blush to think what they might be up to! A pigeon coos.

A sparrow darts about in the wisteria checking for grubs. "Help yourself," I think "and tell your friends!"

I am thinking that this is all very pleasant. Such a lot of life all around that I would not normally see. There is a lot to be said for relaxation! And yes I am relaxed, so much so that when a young chick suddenly appears on the toe of my shoe it is only my eyes that move. I felt nothing when it landed, no extra weight, no movement. It stands there, head to one side studying me, it has beautiful brown colouring and a pair of dark shiny eyes full of admiration. I speak softly to it and it stays there for what must have been 15 seconds.

"See you soon" it says as it flies off.

"Promise?" I say.

At my age too!





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