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I was born and brought up in Llanallgo, near Moelfre in Anglesey so Welsh is my first language. We lived in a large rectory and in the grounds was an old cannon from the wreck of The Royal Charter. On Guy Fawkes night we used to fill the barrel with vesuvius fountains and other such fireworks and we gazed as smoke of differing colours poured out. What a wonderful treat for a growing imagination! We had our own beach, Traeth Bychan - at least we regarded it as our own, the visitors were just transient.

We moved to Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire when I was 10 years old and as that part of Wales is predominently English speaking my Welsh was left to rust. At the time there were still slag heaps remaining from the Bonville's Court colliery, we made dirt tracks and dared ourselves to ride them at high speed. Coppet Hall was our beach then - our own of course, but by this time our feeling of posession was diminishing.

On leaving school I went to work at the National Provincial Bank in Tenby but after three years left to work for the City Treasurer at Birmingham, can't really imagine why - I could have been a retired junior clerk by now!! Three years then with Austin Rover at Longbridge, then a year at an estate agent in Kidderminster, a brief spell with a local accountant and after that I somehow managed to start a printing business in the town which I had until I retired some 32 years later.

Sometime during those years I became concerned about my rusting Welsh but I regained it when I was in my mid 40s by reading as many welsh books as I could and glueing my ear to Radio Cymru and when I had re-learnt enough that way I started going to creative writing classes in Gregynog in mid Wales. I later enjoyed teaching Welsh at Presteigne, Weobley and Llandrindod Wells. I was totally immersed in teaching and working with students and published a monthly newsletter called 'Y Wennol' which later became a website. Later still it became this.

One way or another I have seen and enjoyed a great deal of the British Isles but for me Wales is a bit more special than the other regions. I realise that I could be accused of bias but let me say this, I have spent quite some time in Scotland with my camera and I would be the first to admit to its grandeur, its fantastic lochs and its massive mountains. There are so many images that can be captured and, more to the point, have been captured. There are so many places which have been photographed so many times that you feel that if you looked closely enough you would discover the wear marks of countless earlier tripods.

Photographically I think that Wales is relatively undiscovered, when I first realised this I admit that I felt slight indignation but then I realised that I could embark on a voyage of discovery, explore the various corners of this lovely compact country, I can photograph it in all seasons and all weathers, nowhere is too far away. Especially now I have a caravan!

So keep a monthly eye on this website and enjoy the new images as well as the old. If you would like to make it your home page, please do or should you want a monthly update let me know and I shall include you on my mailing list.

Above all, enjoy the images but having done so yield to the temptation of getting your boots and outdoor clothing on and get out there and savour the countryside for yourselves.

And if you find somewhere that I have missed – let me know!

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