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The Sparrow's Tale

All this happened last year really but I was reminded of it this morning. I was awake early and I heard the blackbird singing, not for the first time this year by any means but I noticed that his repertoire was developing. It was last year that I first noticed that the blackbird's song consists of a range of short tunes, repeated randomly, I also noticed that not all blackbirds use the same tunes. My blackbird sang one particular short piece that I came to recognise and each time I heard it I just had to smile. It went "Doo-de doo de doo-de doo. I hope that has described the tune for you adequately, best I can do I'm afraid. This year the blackbird seems to be practising a new repertoire so the next few weeks should prove to be entertaining. Waking up to the song of the blackbird is a great way to start the day.

Anyway, this is the story I was reminded of:-

It was Friday morning, the start of the Easter weekend, Good Friday and I was being woken up by some percussion-like banging.

Bang, crackle crackle; Bang, crackle crackle - on and on it went regularly and remorselessly. I really didn't want to open my eyes because once I do that it's all over, further sleep would not be an option. I was aware of the birds singing, lots of different twitters and tweets, that time of day when the sky starts to lighten had arrived, that time known as 'sparrow's fart'.

Minutes go by and the percussion is still going on, I open my eyes - its 4.24. I resist the temptation to go to the window but my feeling is that someone has decided to herald in the Bank Holiday with some fireworks in his back garden, if so I feel pity for his neighbours as their awakening will have been much ruder than mine.

Why would anyone do that at such a time? Who would have such lack of respect for fellow human beings? There are some strange people in this world, perhaps you already knew that.

Eventually the percussion stops, the birds have centre stage and my full attention. What a joyous sound! I ponder on the magnitude of it all, this great musical entertainment, this is not just in my immediate neighbourhood but throughout the whole country, (the world even) every morning at this time of the year - the world's biggest concert, and it's free!

Keep your eyes closed by all means but open your ears, let the birdsong wake you then lull you back to a dreamy doze, spring is here and its good to be alive!!


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