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A couple of years ago I decided to tidy up the patio at the back of the house, new slabs were needed and I also decided that it would be a good idea to have a brick barbecue. I suppose it was the thought of not having to drag out all the paraphenalia from a crowded shed that was the attraction. A permanent barbecue would always be available – an Ever Ready barbecue if you like, but one that ran on gas of course! That was my thinking, but time and time again we get caught out. The mind is a marvelous thing, if it wants something it can be very persuasive – particularly if you like gadgets – like most men do (or shoes and handbags – as most ladies do!).

The truth is there can never be anything impromptu about barbecuing, shopping has to be done beforehand, marinades have to be made and sufficient quantities of thirst-quenching liquids have to be trucked in. When you really think of it dragging that old barbecue out of the shed was the least of your problems but it seems that reason and logic has no part to play when the mind is determined.

Now, as you must know I have a caravan and I use it as often as I can. It wasn’t brand new when I bought it but it was in good condition, which was a good thing. However it was a problem to me that neither the hob nor the oven had been used. The previous owners probably still have plastic seat covers in their eight year old car. Anyway I didn’t want to be the one to mess it up so, by using a microwave oven and an electric steamer I avoided using it and kept it clean. Amazing isn’t it!

Things could have stayed like that for evermore were it not for the entry, stage left, of a lady. She smiled sweetly but sympathetically when I described the cooking arrangements and I’m sure I detected some sort of gleam in her eyes. She conveyed to me, in a kind way, that she would prefer the use of the cooker. My heart melted and I capitulated.

And this is how we come back to the barbecue which, by now you have probably forgotten about.

Reading through a caravan magazine I came across a portable barbecue which came with all sorts of griddles, hot plates and woks – I had to have one! Or at least, my mind did. I looked it up on the internet and not only did that give me more tempting information it also had a promotional video. It showed a man going on safari, cooking on tops of mountains and on remote beaches. WOW!

So I bought one!

On our maiden trip together in the caravan we shared the cooking, the lady used the cooker and I cooked the meat on the barbecue. On evenings anywhere close to dry we ate outside and watched the lowering sun, a bit of vivid imagination was required there most of the time but we mustn’t spoil a good story.

Am I pleased with it? Yes, I certainly am. Will I be going on safari with it, will I take it up a mountain top, will I use it on a remote beach? Certainly it all packs up into a compact bag and it’s quite light enough to carry, so why not?

All I need to do is persuade the lady to carry the Calor gas bottle!

The Power of Advertising!




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