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The biggest crossing I have ever seen

It was stormy at the Lookout today, the sea crashing dramatically against the Worm and the bay was line upon line of breaking waves. Standing up was an unmastered art as the wind was gusting strongly and undecided as to which direction it wanted to go. Most of the time it was coming in through the front door and the pressure was such that the hatch in the ceiling of the back room was hopping up and down in a furious rat-a-tat. We decided that it was more peaceful to keep the back room door closed. The dog bowl was put out as per usual but was soon in mid air and sailing into the gorse bushes, Andy set off after it and I am pleased to say that both he and the bowl returned safely to base.

Water for dogs was by request only today!

The causeway was already open when we started the watch but there were no takers for the first hour and a half. And then they came in crowds! It started off with one couple, then three people followed and a whole host then decided that they wanted to cross too. There was a man with three dogs, a photographer and 63 ladies – I don’t think I have ever seen so many making the crossing at the same time.

It was, however, a bit worrying because the causeway had opened at 8.55 so should close at 13.55, give or take half an hour or so. We hoped to see all returned safely. The group of three had reached the start of the causeway by following the lower path from the direction of Tiers Point so would not have seen the information board that we put out, we just hoped that they would take their signal from the others and return in good time.

Time marched on and all the pilgrims, including the ladies, reached the island safely and spread themselves about. The ladies went en masse to the sunny southern slope so disappeared from view. We watched those that we could and gradually the first couple and the photographer started making their return, prompting the group of three to follow. Then the man with the three dogs came into view and we watched them all make the return crossing safely.

We could see three of the ladies wandering into sight now and they seemed to be quite content to stay, we stopped worrying about them.

After all they were all badger faced sheep! And as you know – the grass is always greener on the other side!



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