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You never know what treats are to be seen at Worms Head, quite apart from the watchkeepers of course because we are always there with a smile, but every now and then there is a special treat. As everyone knows by now last year was the 100th anniversary of Dylan Thomas’ birth and there were great celebrations. Visitors to Worms Head were entertained by a ‘one-man walking theatre’ starting from the National Trust shop and stopping at several spots along the way to the far end to tell the story of ‘Extraordinary Little Cough’. The ‘Little Cough’ was Dylan’s friend George Hooping and, teamed up with Sidney Evans and Dan Davies, the four of them went on holiday to Rhossili. It was an age of innocence and later Dylan told the story with great charm.

Later in the summer while I was on watch a gentleman who has a music shop in Swansea asked me who he would have to speak to in order to bring a grand piano down so that he could do a photo shoot. He had two companions with him, one a well-known concert pianist, the other a classical singer. I advised him to have a word with the National Trust manager. He did and, some weeks later he brought a grand piano, a concert pianist and a photographer and had his photo shoot. Unfortunately it did not coincide with my being on watch – shame.

Last Friday Anne had seen on Facebook (whatever that is!) that there was going to be a male voice choir and a grand piano at Worms Head on the following day. We crossed our fingers for good weather, although I have to assert that it never rains in Wales, and sure enough the following morning dawned wet and carried on in that same mode for some time. We knew that it wouldn’t last and set off at about 10.30 and as we journeyed the sun came out, naturally. We parked and made our way down the track with the sound of male voices getting louder and louder until there at the side of the final stretch was a marquee, and people, lots of people lounging on the grass enjoying what Wales is famous for – singing. The performance was being given by the Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir. They were of course marvellous.

The performance ended with Hen Wlad fy Nhadau, our national anthem so it was stand up, hat off, chest out and proud, emotional singing. I have spent a great deal of my life living outside of Wales and it really is good to be back in the Land of Song!

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