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A Folly and a Couple of Points

Yesterday was a walking day and Mike, Alan and I made our way to Laugharne from where we had planned to start. We were very fortunate with the weather, the sky was blue with some cotton wool clouds unresistingly trailing their way across the sky in the imperceptible breeze. Not bad for the second half of September.




The walk we had in mind started from the car park and followed the path beneath the castle towards ...




... The Boathouse which, as you should know by now was where Dylan Thomas lived with his family ...



... and sits just below the shed where Dylan worked miracles with words. No-one had ever before treated words in the same way that Dylan did and no-one has come close since.

Peer in through the window and see his jacket still there on the back of his chair and the lists of words everywhere. Through his window he was able to extract inspiration from the many changing colours of the sky and the sea and when liquid sustenance beckoned he was just walking distance from Browns Hotel where, no doubt he could study and adapt characters for his
work-in-progress, Under Milk Wood



We walked on, looking down on the Taf river busily making its way down to the sea from St Clears and beyond. We reached a farm with a most impressive vegetable patch - the largest brussel sprout plants I have ever seen. Mike and Alan had a synchronised drool (they have in common a practical love of allotments!)

Following a long stoned drive we reach St Martin's Church on the outskirts of Laugharne and we seek out Dylan's grave, very simple and distinctive. I must ask, in the Janet and John books mode, "Can you see it? those two young men are pointing at it. Say 'thank you' to the two young men.


Soon we are back in Laugharne and, for purely cultural reasons, you understand, we pay a visit to Browns Hotel with its walls adorned with Dylan paraphernalia.

We dine and we sup and consider our next move, for you see dear reader, the walk has taken less time than we thought. Mention is made of Wright's Emporium in Llanarthne and because of severe road works over a large part of the A48 on the Swansea side of Carmarthen it will be a most convenient stop on our detoured way home. Perhaps we shall resist the temptation of calling in for further sustenance after our truly exhausting day. Perhaps not!


As it happens Wrights Emporium is overlooked from high and afar by Paxton's Folly and anticipating the exhausting climb (in the car) we felt that further sustenance could well be needed. We were also forced to enter due to some mysterious fault in my car which took control of the steering wheel and impressively parked the car in the only available slot in the car park. Having stopped it refused to react to any of the controls apart from the door handles. Baffled, we left it there and entered the gastronomic delight which is Wrights and failed to resist the temptation of, well, temptation!

After which, the car having recovered from its strop, we set off for the folly.




I was not sure if you would be able to see it very well so I took advantage of the kind-heartedness of these two wandering minstrels to point it out to you.





And if you can't see them clearly here they are again - such kindness!



Paxton's Folly has great views over Carmarthenshire and beyond as you can see. This a view of the village of Llanarthne and is roughly north ...





... and this roughly east taken from the highest room of the tower. The river, meandering its way over the flat valley floor is the Towy. A most delightful valley which I must pay much further attention to in future.


A point taken!

Here is a point taken from an earlier walk and you may well enquire as to what they are pointing at. Well it is a cement lined water tank which was built to serve the Bishopston lead/silver mine. We are back on Gower now and this being a dry valley was a facility used to store water.

So, a kind of well really. Well, well, well.

And aren't they a pair of good pointers! I am pleased to say that due to their hard won skill they are available for point duty in all parts of the known world, the British Isles included!

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