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Penmaen to Oxwich

You may not remember our last walk but we do. It was bitterly cold and even with modern layer technology by the time we were half way we felt chilled to the marrow, but we had to press on. We even decided against liquid sustenance at the Oxwich Bay Hotel plumping for a heated bus that would get us back home as swiftly as possible. It was totally different today, the target was the same but the weather was very clement



We take the bus from Sketty Cross to Penmaen giving our bus passes a bit of a bashing once again. Taking the rough track we are up on the high ground above Three Cliffs Bay and see the river busily meandering.

It does a lot of that.



Everybody has to have a leader particularly on those occasions when you have do make a decision on which way to go.

In Alan we have a natural and what really makes him the best man for the job is the fact that he actually has three hands.

Well, I think the photo is proof positive!




In life it is good to follow the straight and narrow at all times.

This one is narrow and it will have to do - one out of two is not bad!




This was always intended to be an easy, leisurely walk and what we are going to do, dear readers, is walk the length of this beach and reward ourselves at the far end with a pint. Not a bad idea.


We still haven't actually got down onto the beach, it's psychological really, you see as long as we stay at this level there is no great effort required to get back to the bus stop. Once we are at beach level we're committed.

And perhaps we ought to be!

The Robin has got its eye on us though and it's giving us a verbal lashing. Oh well, we'd better get on then.




And here we are on the beach at last and from here the end of the beach seems no distance at all but I fear we are fooling ourselves.




Richard, the professor in our midst gets me to take this low shot just to give the idea of distance. The others can see that he is in full flow and are anticipating a technical lecture.





So with bowed heads they head for the dunes.




Richard's masterclass continues and I am persuaded to stand in the middle of the river for another perspective shot.

Now I understand the advantages of taking the alternative path.


We arrive at the bridge and soon I am to be educated in structural engineering. It's all to do with balances and counterbalances and this bridge is a shining example. he leads me towards it and points to the diagonals and how they change direction at the half way mark. Brilliant!

I am so excited about this that I tell the others but they know it already.

"Everybody on our allotments build their runner bean supports in that way" they tell me "Richard has made sure of that"


After helping a lady in distress to find her daughter we arrive at the watering hole. Mike has a pint and an Oxwich Bay Beefburger but we poor people can only afford the pint.

So we make do with his chips.

And then Richard finds a pound coin stuck in the frame of the table so we give it to Mike to pay for his meal.

An enjoyable day!

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