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Loughor to Burry Port

The weather forecast was for a grey day but with the promise of an outbreak of sun at some time but today only two of us were available. It was going to be a linear walk from the Loughor bridge to Burry Port, we had worked out the bus connections and had found them to be extremely convenient. It involved one bus which took us to the bus station then the Llanelli bus, all we had to do was get off at the Loughor bridge. So simple.
We debated whether we got off before or after the bridge and for an inexplicable reason decided on the latter. So as soon as the bus hit the bridge, so to speak, we rang the bell and, with the agility of seasoned travellers, weaved our way to the front. Alas the driver didn't stop, in fact he carried on for another three miles before finally releasing us outside Tesco. This however provided us with an alternative route by the banks of Llanelli's busy bypass rather than the intended picturesque estuary shore. We tried very hard to make the most of it.



We finally reach the houses at Pentre Nicklaus and cut through to reach the coastal path but when we get there we see a sign saying that the path ahead is blocked. We ignore it and eventually reach North Dock.

We are now on course
at last!



It was a misty day but the sun was in the process of burning it off. There was no wind at all, that and the mist created a dreamy reflection of the apartments.

This particular scene appealed to me and I had to record it.

We now deserved some refreshment so we struck out for the cafe.




It was developing to be quite a warm and pleasant day, one that I would have hated to have missed.

This little reflection caught my eye as we walked past that part of Llanelli called Pwll.



We are quite close to Burry Port now and we espy this bullrush lined pool and its resident swans. They are resting their necks now after spending some time tails-up gathering food from the depths.

And that is why they have long necks.




There is no perceptible wind but the seedheads of these bullrushes are so light they sway gently.


We have stopped for a lunch break and there is a convenient bench looking out over a small, round bay. To our left the local dredger is being refuelled.

It is some time past high tide and we are surprised to see the dredger leaving its moorings. Mike observes that it is unlikely to get into difficulties, after all it has the equipment to make its own channel.

And here we have an amphitheatre which was constructed way back in Roman times. It's amazingly well preserved.

People are gathering but we are told that no photography is allowed. Shall I just say that hordes of people settled down on the terraces with their picnic tables and chairs. They unbuckled their hampers and settled down to listen to a world famous opera singer who performed ceaselessly for just under two hours. Her name has to be kept secret.

This could only happen at
Burry Port!

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