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Penclawdd Circular

Last week's walk started from Penclawdd and rambled up hills and down dales yielding lovely images of the Loughor estuary and taking us to parts we have never ventured to before. A bit soggy underfoot sometimes but we are intrepid men and cannot be daunted!



After giving our bus passes a good polish we head for the bus stop and are soon on our way. There are compensations for being pensioners!

So here we are gasping for breath after a steep climb above Penclawdd where we have clues about its history.


After regaining our breath we climb on but there are always views to give one the excuse to stop. We are by no means near to the top of the hill, we reach the road that climbs up to Blue Anchor and walk a hundred yards or so ....




.... until we reach this leafy tunnel path, climbing all the while the path opens out into a sloping field, the slope is upwards but we slog on and are rewarded as we get higher with ....



.... a clear view of the estuary and the snaking channels that give it its character.

We get to the top and, guess what, we drop down again and reach a lane that leads us into Blue Anchor, ironically when we turned up the leafy tunnel path we were only a short distance from that little hamlet but that is not the point, is it?



On arriving in Blue Anchor we make for the church, take a path down to a valley where we go through a wood and cross this bridge. And no Alan, you can't see a trout in the stream. We lost our way a bit then, entered a farmyard to be greeted by a farmer wishing to know our purpose. He kindly put us on the right track


We soon found ourselves on the Welsh Moor road which also accommodates the Gower Way and just to prove that here is this lichen clad and blackberry stained sign to prove it.

We found a bench to sit on and took a few munches on our sandwiches and sips from flasks before following the directions past ....


.... the ruins of the old Carmel Chapel after which we are instructed to look out for a path on our left about 100 yards before a cattle grid (instructions would be a lot easier if they related to somewhere after a landmark rather than before one) anyway we found it and it started off as a little river. It improved but we had to hop from one side to the other many times.

We must have been a wonderful sight to see!




We were to look out for this structure which I was aware of but because the lane that goes past it is bounded by high banks I had never had a good look at it.

It turns out that it was the engine house for the former Caer Eithin colliery, one of many collieries in the area.



As usual it is our wholy intrepid leader, Alan, who shows us the way. (Is that the right way to spell 'holy'?)

As we get lower the going gets a bit wetter but with Alan's guidance we safely reach a pretty little wooded area which I would like to show you ....










.... and here it is!

Lovely isn't it!


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