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A Walk from Tenby to Saundersfoot

It was an away day walk yesterday and the intention was a train journey to Tenby where we would start our walk following the cliff path past Monkstone Point to Saundersfoot, catch the bus back to Tenby and take the train back home. Transport timings presented a problem so it ended up with a car journey.



We parked the car at the North Beach car park and walked up the steps to the road, little realising that they were the first and easiest of the many steps we were to encounter.

We leaned on the railings and gazed at the oft-photographed harbour looking exceptionally pretty. this was a foretaste of what was to come.




We walked up to the top of the hill where we joined the start of the path. We got a bit confused with the directional arrows a couple of times but they were just short loops that rejoined about a hundred yards later.

We should not have worried.


I had walked the path before but many years ago and found that things had greatly changed at Waterwynch. At the
'T-junction' we chose to turn right which led the way to the beach where the path came to a stop so had to backtrack.

It was worth it just to see the beach which is private above the high water mark.

The next bit up to Monkstone Point was quite strenuous with some long, stepped climbs, but taken gently was not a real problem.


Tantalising glimpses of Monkstone Point begin to be had through the almost leafless branches. It was a clear, bright day and I was hoping to get down onto the beach but was perturbed by several recent deviations to the path due to erosion.

This is Hean Castle, home of the local lord. Because Dad was the local vicar my sister and I received invitations to the Christmas parties.

An invitation that could not be refused


I was very pleased to see that the path down to the beach was still there and in excellent condition so I descended in an excited and joyous trot. The day was perfect, not too hot given the exertion required and with lovely, clear light.

I now just have to walk back up the steps but, nourished by this scene that I had enjoyed, that really was not a problem.




Half way up there is this kind old tree with a convenient bench.

A good place to stop on the upward climb but after stopping to take the photograph my calf muscles were sufficiently refreshed for the remainder of the climb.



As we passed Monkstone Point we began to meet walkers who had started from Saundersfoot. They little knew the struggles that were ahead of them but as long as they kept their eyes open to the views they would feel much rewarded by their efforts.

I think that it is best to do this walk starting from Tenby as you have the sun behind you. From Saundersfoot, unless you look behind you, many of the views would be missed.

That is just my very humble opinion!





We are now descending the last part of the path, all the steps and climbs are behind us.




With the tide on its outward journey we walk along the beach with the warming sun on our backs.

The walk is almost over.




The boats are still in the harbour, very soon most of these will be taken out and parked safely around and about.

I'm glad they're still here because the light is good, they are full of colour and they make a perfect penultimate image for our walk.


There always has to be some point to our walks (although due to an unforgivable oversight on the last one it was absent) and you may wonder why this plaque has been selected.

Alan and Mike are pointing at the name of Mr S. T. Harries Esq who happened to be my old headmaster, he publicly predicted that I would be the only one not to pass the 11+ that year. Sadly for him I was actually the only one that passed. Clearly I had succeeded to hide my talents!

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